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Travelling by bus, metro or tram – City Centre to or from apartment.

November 23, 2018 by Andrew Marshal

Rue des Liégeois, Ixelles, Bruxelles 1050, Belgium

Brussels Central Gare by Metro:
(Metro) Take Metro 1 or 5 to Trone Metro Station,
(Walk) Walk up to 38 bus stop, Rue du Luxembourg,
(Bus) Take 38 bus to Germoir bus stop,
(Walk) Walk to Rue des Liégeois, 41,
Approx. 25 minute metro, bus & walk,

Brussels Central Gare by Bus:
(Bus) Take Bus 95 to Germoir,
Germoir Bus stop by foot,
(Bus stop) Walk up Rue des Liégeois,
Approx. 20 minutes bus & walk.

Brussels Central Gare by Tram:
(Tram) Take Tram 8 to Bailli,
(Tram) Take Tram 81 to Germoir,
(Tram Stop) Walk up Rue des Liégeois,
Approx. 40 minute metro, bus & walk.

Total time: 0h30mins to 0h55 – depending on travel route & congestion