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Welcome to Ideal Modern City Central Apartment (EU District)

August 19, 2021 by Andrew Marshal

Address: Patriottenstraat, 22, apartment 34, 1000 Brussel, Belgium


We hope you have a fabulous stay in Bruxelles and to help your trip go smoothly we have prepared a few documents for your review before you arrive.

1. House Rules ou Règles de la maison:

2. Apartment Welcome Pack

This sets out how to check in to the apartment, things it contains & where they are located.

2a. Entering Building & Entering Apartment
2b. Apartment Walk Around
2c. TV Setting – Message ‘No Signal’

3. Our local guide

Sets out some places you may like to visit.

4. For your safety
5. Bruxelles Bus, Tram, Train & Walking Travel Information – Routes, Timetables & Maps

6. Public Transport Options:

6a. Travelling by bus or train – Zaventem airport, Bruxelles to or from apartment.
6b. Travelling by bus or train – Charleroi airport, Charleroi to or from apartment.

6c. Travelling by bus, metro, tram – city centre to or from apartment.

6d. Travelling by cab – airport or other locations

7. Parking – Car Parks & Street Parking

8. Some essentials for your trip

9. Tips on making your stay special and easy

9a. Local Storage Company – Luggage Storage? Before or After Check In

10. Reminder of your apartment.

To refresh your mind of where you will be enjoying your stay in Brussels.

A few weeks before you come I will be sending you another message to reconfirm how to access the apartment and any special requirements that you have requested.

Please do let me know that you have received these, your special requirements are as you requested, and you have reviewed the download documents so that we know you have all the information you need.

Warm regards,
Andrew Marshall

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