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Electric Power & Fuse Box

March 3, 2022 by Andrew Marshal

Electricity & Circuit Breaker:

Overloads are triggered by the concurrent use of multiple appliances, non-european appliances or bad weather, which can cause an interruption to the electricity supply. To restore supply, please turn of all appliances in use and reset the circuit breaker on the electric panel. The circuit breaker is located next to the Apartment Entrance Door:



  • Located next to the Apartment Entrance Door,
  • Left hand side of wall, as you leave apartment,
  • Push plastic locks together & pull open, see pic,


Electric Power Fuse Box:

  • Inside door you see the electric panel,
  • All fuse switches should be pointing upwards,
  • If switch pointing downwards it has turned itself off,
  • Flip switch back to upward position,
  • If this fails or fuse switch turns itself off – contact me.