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Our Building Storage – Our Basement storeroom:

March 22, 2023 by Andrew Marshal

Luggage Storage @ Rue Des Patriotes:

1. Terms & Conditions – Your Agreement & Acceptance:

In requesting the lock combination code for the storeroom, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions for using this storeroom.

2. Luggage Stored at Owner Risk:

If you store your luggage or belonging in this storeroom, ‘you are storing them at your risk’.

3. Our Fees:

There is no charge for the use of this room.

4. Our Storeroom:

We have a small basement storeroom that you can store you bags in. This is a secure lockable room.

5. Luggage Storage – in Certified Shops & Hotels

Our welcome pack does provide local storage provider options should you prefer certified Luggage Storage Shops or Hotels.

6. Duration Luggage Storage:

The storeroom can be used by you for up to 4 hours before your booking check in time starts and after you booking check out time ends.

7. Chargeable Costs incurred for Disposal of Your Items:

We reserve the right to dispose of any luggage or items left in the storeroom for longer than 4 hours. If we incur fees for disposing of these items these costs shall be recharged to you through your booking site.

8. Combination Lock Code:

If you accept our terms & conditions please request the combination code to use our storeroom.

Storeroom Location: