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Safety for your Family

March 6, 2024 by Andrew Marshal

Electric Power Fuse boxes & Electricity Supply:

Overload triggered by the concurrent use of multiple appliances or bad weather can cause an interruption of the electricity supply. To restore supply, please turn of all appliances in use off and reset the circuit breaker on the electric panel. There is one (1), located as set out below:


Apartment Location:

  • Located in the apartment,
  • Go into the bedroom and enter the wardrobe room,
  • The fuse box is on the wall on the right hand side, see pic
  • Electric Power Fuse Box:

  • Inside door; lists alphabetically each fuse,
  • All fuse switches should be pointing upwards, see below,
  • If a switch is pointing downwards it has turned itself off,
  • Flip switch back to upward position,
  • If this fails or fuse switch turns itself off – contact me,
  • If all fuses on board are ok – contact me.

The Fuse Box

All Switches Point Upwards

Please contact me!