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Gladiator Games

Published on August 25, 2017 by Andrew Marshal

See professional gladiators battle it out in Guildhall Yard, the site of London’s only Roman amphitheatre.

Swords, shields and spears clash in an epic battle of strength and skill, as gladiators fight to win ultimate glory. Pick a side and decide which fighter walks free: will it be your choice or the emperor’s?

Take your seats and cheer on a sensational troupe of Roman gladiators as they battle for glory in a gripping 60-minute show. Take a side as gladiators emerge into the light of the arena, before roaring on your fighter, as steel swords, spears and armour clash.

See realistic gladiator games in Guildhall Yard, which sits above the remains of London’s Roman Amphitheatre, during the August bank holiday weekend!

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